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Linux-Kongress 2003
10th International Linux System Technology Conference
October 14th to 16th, 2003 in Saarbrücken, Germany

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Events at Linux-Kongress 2003

As always, there are lots of things happening at the Linux-Kongress. See below for a list. You can also look at the program schedule.


Tutorials deliver in-depth information by experts on their subject. They are a great chance to learn something new, quite often from the developers themselves. You are treated to an afternoon of intense learning and will come away with a good understanding of the subject. More...

GNU classpath Developer Workshop

Offering developers the opportunity to exchange their ideas has always been the primary goal of our mission. Therefore we are especially happy that a group of GNU classpath developers meet on Tuesday to boost development of their project. More...


The keynote this year will be given by Michael Tiemann, Red Hat's CTO.

Michael Tiemann is a true open source software pioneer. He made his first major open source contribution over a decade ago by writing the GNU C++ compiler, the first native-code C++ compiler and debugger. His early work led to the creation of leading open source technologies and the first open source business model.

In 1989, Tiemann's technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Cygnus Solutions, the first company to provide commercial support for open source software. During his ten years at Cygnus, Tiemann contributed in a number of roles from President to hacker, helping lead the company from fledgling start-up to an admired open source leader.

Tiemann serves on a number of boards, including the Open Soure Initiative and the GNOME Foundation. Tiemann also provides financial support to organizations that further the goals of software and programmer freedom, including the Free Software Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Talks/Presentation of Papers

Out of nearly 60 proposed papers the program committee has chosen many interesting talks for our conference. More...

Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) Sessions

We have some rooms available at the conference for planned or spontaneous meetings, so-called BoFs or Birds-of-a-feather sessions. More...

Keysigning Party

As every year we will have a keysigning party to enlarge the web of trust, this year again moderated by GnuPG-developer Werner Koch on Wednesday evening (18:15-18:45, in the room where Werner has his talk).

As experience has shown that there are many people who want to participate but who didn't send in their fingerprint before, we have reverted to the traditional way:

To attend the key signing party you need to print out your key information several times. This is best done by printing it on A4 paper several times and cutting it into small stripes. One stripe should look like

  pub  1024D/621CC013 1998-07-07 Werner Koch 
       Key fingerprint = ECAF 7590 EB34 43B5 C7CF  3ACB 6C7E E1B8 621C C013
  uid                            Werner Koch 

there is no need to list the subkeys; please remove the user IDs you don't want to get signed; don't print it in a too small font. You need at least 50 of these stripes. Make sure that your key is available at the keyservers (use

Social Event

The Social Event this year will take at "Canossa" very near to the Kongress building, take a look here.

Review of 10 Linux-Kongresses

When this talk will be given, 10 Linux-Kongresses will have passed. This is the moment to say something about the past, and certainly even about the future. No doubt, nobody is suited better to do so this than Ted Ts'o, who has attended (enriched) them all...

BTW, is there anybody else except Ted who has attended them all? If you, please write us a note to!

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