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The International Linux System Technology Conference

About the Linux-Kongress

The Linux-Kongress was established in 1994, when Linux was still in its early stages. For many years it was the biggest and most important gathering of Linux developers from around the world. Kernel developers like Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox as well as user space developers like Kalle Dalheimer and Miguel de Icaza and Open Source evangelists like Eric Raymond have participated.

Today there are many other gatherings of Linux developers but the Linux-Kongress is still the premier event for European developers and one of the most important in the world. Each year hundreds of hard core Linux enthusiasts from all over the world gather for this important event.

The main focus of the conference are new core technologies, either in kernel or user space, that are directly related to Linux systems. Kernel development, of course, plays a prominent role, but issues related to desktop environments and other user applications are also present, as long as they are important enough for the role Linux plays in the world. In principle, all talks are technical talks, although in very rare cases an important talk about political issues related to Linux and Open Source (for example) is also accepted.

Preceeding the 2-day technical conference, there are - since 2004 - two tutorial days, where in-depth case studies related to Linux system management and Linux development are presented. In 1999, the Kongress cooperated with the Storage Mangement Workshop, in 2000 and 2001 2- or 3-day workshops sponsored by the German Ministery of Science and Education were organized directly preceeding the conference. In 2004, a Netfilter workshop sponsored by Astaro will take place before the conference.

The Linux-Kongress is a unique opportunity for Linux developers and enthusiasts from all over the world to meet and talk, to present their work and keep building the future of Linux and Open Source.

Who should attend?

While the Linux-Kongress is mostly an event for Linux developers, many people who are not developers themselves attend the conference to see the future of Linux in the making. Nearly all talks are technical.

The conference language is English because the audience is coming from all over the world, so you should probably have at least a modest understanding of that language.

List of past conference locations and dates

1.1994Heidelberg, Germany
2.1995Berlin, Germany
3.1996-05-23 to 1996-05-24Berlin, Germany
4.1997-05-21 to 1997-05-23Würzburg, Germany
5.1998-06-03 to 1998-06-05Cologne, Germany
6.1999-09-08 to 1999-09-10Augsburg, Germany
7.2000-09-20 to 2002-09-22Erlangen, Germany
8.2001-11-28 to 2001-11-30Enschede, Netherlands
9.2002-09-04 to 2002-09-06Cologne, Germany
10.2003-10-14 to 2003-10-16Saarbrücken, Germany
11.2004-09-07 to 2004-09-10Erlangen, Germany

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