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Linux-Kongress 2003
10th International Linux System Technology Conference
October 14th to 16th, 2003 in Saarbrücken, Germany

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Developer Workshops and Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) sessions

Birds of a feather flock together!

We have some rooms available at the conference for planned or spontaneous meetings, so-called BoFs or Birds-of-a-feather sessions. If you already know that you want to do a BoF, please contact Martin Schulte by email at Include title of BoF, name of moderator, a short abstract and preferred date and time of BoF. You can also schedule a BoF when the conference has already started. Just ask at the registration desk.

On Tuesday (Oct 14th) afternoon we have a developer workshop (something like a big-BOF;-) about GNU classpath. Please contact Sascha Brawer by email at if you want to participate. See below for further info.

Developer workshop: GNU Classpath

Please contact Sascha Brawer by email at if you want to participate.


Many existing Java(TM) applications depend on the Java2D(TM) API, a very well-designed, powerful set of high-performance graphics routines. Most applications use this graphics library indirectly through the Swing(TM) toolkit, which is the most widely used API to write interactive applications in the Java(TM) programming language.

It would be very desirable for GNU Classpath to support the Java2D(TM) API. However, the current state of graphics support in GNU Classpath is extremely limited. Since there currently exist several projects that want to support Java graphics, it would be good to coordinate them.

Purpose of the meeting

Who might be interested

Of course, anyone else is equally welcome to join!

Related links

It would be good if the attendands could get familiar with some of the relevant APIs. Of course, knowledge about Java2D(TM) would be especially important.

About the moderator

Sascha Brawer is a contributor to GNU Classpath. He has studied Computational Linguistics in Saarbrücken, worked in industry, and has recently founded Dandelis, a company which develops a free operating system for thin clients based on Java. Sascha works on free software for ethical reasons, and is also politically active with Wilhelm Tux, the Swiss campagin for free software. He lives in Berne, Switzerland.

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