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German Ministry of education and research
International Linux-Kongress

Pictures available

The Linux-Kongress is the most important meeting of international Linux developers in Europe.

After Kongresses in Heidelberg (1994), Berlin (1995 and 1996), Würzburg (1997), Cologne (1998), Augsburg (1999) and Erlangen (2000) we are now about looking when and where next year's Kongress will take place. If you are interested in becoming the local organizer, please see the Call for Location.

We gratefully thank all those who helped to organize the Linux-Kongress 2000, the LiVe Linux-Verband, the NLUUG (The UNIX User Group - The Netherlands), Caldera Deutschland GmbH and SuSE Linux AG and especially the "Technische Fakultät", Department of Computer Science IV (Operating Systems) of the University of Erlangen.

In 2000, the Kongress has been under the auspices of Edelgard Bulmahn, German Minister of Education and Research. For more details see the German press release of August 28th.

Web pages of the Kongresses since 1997 are available: 1999, 1998, 1997.
iX Linux AG O'Reilly-Verlag
AT Consultancy bv University of Twente SuSE Linux AG
Caldera Deutschland GmbH German Unix User Group LinuxEnterprise
Mind Linux Solutions Linux-Verband Netherlands UNIX User Group

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