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The International Linux System Technology Conference

"What happened to Linux-Kongress 2007" people might ask? 2007 the Linux Kernel Developers Summit 2007 is taking place in Cambridge, England. It'll be in Europe for the first time. From the very beginning we were pleased about this and we felt that it would make no sense to have a separate Linux-Kongress on German soil a few weeks before or after the summit. Instead a traditional conference should take place in Cambridge immediately before or after this summit. So, UKUUG managed to shift their annual Linux conference to September and, at the same time, renamed it LinuxConf Europe, a signicant new technical conference, It's incorporating the best elements from the UK Unix User Group's Linux Developers' Conferences (2006) and the German Unix User Group's Linux-Kongress (2006).

So, see you in Cambridge in September 2007 and be assured Linux-Kongress is going to take place in Germany in 2008!

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