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Linux-Kongress 2002
9th International Linux System Technology Conference
September 4-6, 2002 in Cologne, Germany

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Supporting organisations:


Leon Shiman
Shiman Associates Inc.
163 Tappan Street
Brookline, MA 02445

Phone: +1-617-277-0087

X.Org is the global consortium responsible for X Window System technology standards. We are attending Linux-Kongress 2002 to support and encourage increased collaboration, and knowledge- and technology-transfer in global Linux development, and to help create strong common standards for both Linux and UNIX world-wide. We wish also to acknowledge the importance of current work within the EC.

X.Org is empowered to develop, stabilize, maintain, and promote technology and standards required for the X Window System. Since the 1980's, X.Org's members, now including  IBM, HP, Hummingbird, SGI, Sun Microsystems, and WRQ, have provided the sole financial support for this work. XFree86 is an Honorary Member. Software is released free to the public by X.Org under the original, open-source, MIT ("X") license (see Participation in X.Org Task Forces is free and open to all. Current areas of special interest are: Sound and Multi-media (MAS), IPV6, Xinerama, Xprint, I18N, Server-side anti-aliased fonts, and Accessibility.

MAS (Media Application Server) provides the long-sought solution for a long-standing problem in existing X technology: complete sound and multi-media support for X. MAS brings a new media capability to X and to the X Window System Standards: providing integrated, network-transparent, platform-independent, and fully-scalable sound and multimedia for X. Synchronized, networked presentation of time-sensitive multimedia data is now available for X. MAS spans the network, desktop to desktop. It will be maintained on all platforms that support X.

MAS the Media Application Server

Come to the X.Org booth for a live demonstration and explanation of the MAS technology by its core developer team, Leon Shiman and Mike Andrews. Discuss the technology, its applications, and opportunities for cooperation and collaboration. Leon and Mike will also be lecturing on "Integrating Sound and Multimedia with X", here, on September 5 at 12:15.

MAS is being developed as an X.Org Standard by Shiman Associates Inc, one of X.Org's founding members. It will be publicly released under the open-source "X" license on March 1, 2003 as part of X.Org's X11R6.7 code release, and will be included after that with all following releases of the X Window System. The MAS project site is open to the public. Both Sun Microsystems Inc and X.Org have helped support the development of MAS

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