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Linux-Kongress 2002
9th International Linux System Technology Conference
September 4-6, 2002 in Cologne, Germany

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Events at Linux-Kongress 2002

As always, there are lots of things happening at the Linux-Kongress. See below for a list. You can also look at the program schedule.

Keynote: Linux in Latin America

The keynote this year will be delivered by Marcelo Tosatti, the maintainer of the 2.4 kernel tree. He will talk about "Linux in Latin America".

Talks/Presentation of Papers

Out of over 40 proposed papers the program committee has chosen many interesting talks for our conference. More...


Tutorials deliver in-depth information by experts on their subject. They are a great chance to learn something new, quite often from the developers themselves. You are treated to an afternoon of intense learning and will come away with a good understanding of the subject. More...

Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) Sessions

We have some rooms available at the conference for planned or spontaneous meetings, so-called BoFs or Birds-of-a-feather sessions. More...

The Linux-Kongress Komplete Konfusion Kuiz

Lemma #1: Linux gurus are also masters of Kompletely Useless Knowledge.

To establish the truth of this lemma once and for all, the Linux-Kongress 2002 will end with the first release of the Komplete Konfusion Kuiz: the ultimate test of Kompletely Useless Knowledge related to Linux and obviously related topics such as Star Wars, Monty Python, cartoons and 68000 assembler instructions.

The Kompletely Konfused Kuiz master Jos Visser is renowned for his erratic presentation skills and being kompletely out of touch with reality (as you know it).

Keysigning Party

As every year we will have a keysigning party to enlarge the web of trust. More...

Social Event

The Social Event this year will take place on Thursday evening in the Bürgerhaus Stollwerck. It is a great opportunity to socialize with your peers while enjoying the food and test the local beer. Note that you have to register for this event (18 EUR for normal participants and members, free for students).

O'Reilly Open House

On Friday, September 6th, O'Reilly will host an open house from 6 - 9 pm. More...

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