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Linux-Kongress 2008
15th International Linux System Technology Conference
7.10.-10.10.2008 at the
University of Hamburg, Germany

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Location, Accomodation and Tourist Information


Speakers' hotel:

Our speakers' hotel is The George Hotel

This is how you get there:

Public transportation is recommended to too from getting this hotel to the conference venue.

Further hotels (which had rooms left before the conference started):

Because of a cardiology congress with up to 2000 people – which happen to take place not only at the same time but also close to University at CCH – we weren't able to allocate rooms close to the venue, sorry. So using public transportation is not avoidable this year.

Tutorium / conference venue

The technical program will be held in the so called Geomatikum (Bundesstraße 55) whereas the tutorials will take place in Sedanstraße 19 which is approximately opposite to the Geomatikum at Bundesstraße (enlarge map).
   Geomatikum is quite a "landmark" from the 70ies era where using concrete for construction was the only choice. It's 19 stories high and since Hamburg is not Manhattan, you won't miss it if you're close by. The auditoriums are on the ground level of of Geomatikum.

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Since Geomatikum and the campus around it is part of the University you won't be the only person coming by car. Parking is sparse, there might be some lots at Bundestraße if you're lucky. Rather avoid coming directly to the conference venue by car and use public transport.

Public transport

Generally public transport is a very good alternative to get around in Hamburg. The Geomatikum has excellent connections to public transport: Next subway station is Schlump where line U2 and U3 leaves from (every 5-10 minutes depended on time), see U sign above close to Schäferkampsallee. Alternatively have a relaxed walk across Schanzenpark, see S sign below Schröderstiftstraße, and hop into S31/S11 (Note: Schanzenviertel where the S31/S11 leaves from is a great place to hang around for some night life or just to pick up some food).

There's info online at / on the schedules available as well as the whole line plan for subway (U), tram (S) and railway (A/R).

Note: In Hamburg you don't have to stamp the tickets after purchase. They are valid immediately. Note 2: If you plan to take two non-short distances rides (each 2.60 Euros) during the day you are already better off with a ticket for the whole day: 9-Uhr-Tageskarte is valid after 9 am until the end of service (~1am) and costs 5.10 Euros. With a group of two or three – if you stick together all day – purchase a 9-Uhr-Gruppenkarte for 8.60 Euros in order to get unlimited rides for the whole day after 9 am. On Saturday or Sunday a 9-Uhr-Gruppenkarte is valid for up to 5 persons.

Note 3: Likely the ticket vending machine even at the airport doesn't offer to purchase ticket with a credit card. You need either a german ATM card or Euros. Let us know if you found out that this is wrong.

Arriving by Train

If you're coming by train drop off at Hamburg's main railway station (Hauptbahnhof). Be careful to pick the right one, Hamburg has four major railway stations (others are Harburg, Altona and Dammtorbahnhof). Leave the building of the station to the north and hop on U2 (or U3, but this is slower), direction Niendorf or Barmbek. Then get off at Schlump to get to the conference venue.

If you didn't book the city option with Deutsche Bundesbahn you have to pay 2.60 Euros for the trip.

Arriving by Plane

Hamburg's airport public transport connection by tram is still two months away (ETA December 2008). So the first hop is still a bus, if you don't want to take a cab. The best is if you take bus 26 to subway station Alsterdorf. Change to U1, direction to Ohlstedt or Großhansdorf. Change at Kellinghusstraße into U3 which is right across the platform (U1 and U3 normally wait for each other here). Then it's a few stations only to Schlump. The ride is ~30 minutes and costs you 2.60 Euros. Bus 26 departs just in front of each terminal at the ground (i.e. departure) level.

Alternative path: Use bus 172 to subway station Fuhlsbüttel and change in to the same U1. Bus lines 26 and 172 leave at the same spot. It doesn't matter which one you take.

Arriving by Car

You probably have a navigation system? ;-) If so: address is Bundesstraße 55, 20146 Hamburg. Geo coordinates:

Otherwise use old fashioned Google maps. Locals won't recommend you taking a car from the Accor hotel and The George to the venue during rush hours. Also the Alster lake geographically channels the traffic somewhat to 1-2 roads which makes matters worse.

Tourist info

Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany with about 1.7 mio inhabitants. There's lot of stuff to do and to see. People from Hamburg say it is the most beautiful city in Germany. What probably creates this atmosphere are two things: Lots of green, and water, i.e. the Alster lake in the center of the city and the harbor located at the broad river Elbe.
   For more information on Hamburg see

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