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Linux-Kongress 2001 - Call for Location

After Linux-Kongress 2000 in Erlangen has been successfully finished, it's now time to decide where we will meet next year.

As we promised in Würzburg 1997, we will look for a new location in Middle-Europe every year.

Thus, we are now asking: Who would like to become the host for Linux-Kongress 2001 ?

You will now certainly ask: What does this mean ?

Well, to be honest in the first place: A LOT OF WORK, but, trust me as the local organizer in Cologne 1998, it is absolutely WORTH doing so!

To be more specific:

  • The first and most important thing to do is to find an appropriate location. Appropriate here means:
    • has at least three lecture rooms, the largest with >= 500 places, the middle with >= 300 places, the smallest with >= 100 places, plus some smaller rooms
    • has some space for making a (small) exhibition
    • is not too expensive. Ideally, it will be free (universities often offer such oppurtunities), but a good location might be worth paying for it.
    • we must have the ability to provide coffee-breaks (for an affordable price) and there and affordable oppurtunities for having lunch nearby.
    (If you have vistited former Linux-Kongresses, you will certainly have an idea about what we tell here.)
  • Furthermore, you need to look for a hotel where the speakers can stay, a nice location for both the speakers's dinner and the social event, a frame program for the speakers on the weekend after the Kongress, and it would also be fine if you find some low cost locations where the visitors can stay.
  • You need to provide all "local important" information for our web-pages: The way to the Kongress (via car, train, tram, ...), references to the hotels, where the visitors can take their lunch, ...
  • During the Kongress week, we need 10-15 volunteers to help in organizing the whole thing: Mark the way to the Kongress, help at the registration desk, transport of speakers, packing conference bags, moderation of tracks, help setting up the exhibition, guard the Internet-Cafe, solve unexpected problems, ... Please do NOT underestimate this point: It has shown in past that even large Linux user groups had to work hard to get this amount of people, some are at work, some are in holidays, some are not as much interested as you might have expected!
  • Last not least you will have to deal with all those tiny little problems that we all know will occure but have forgotten to mention...

An additional challenge might arise:It is possible that there will be publically funded workshops (like KDE-conferences) just before or after the Kongress with about 150 partipicants. They need equipped rooms, transport from and back to hotel, ... .

Certainly, you will not have to care about all the equipment they need (though, we will be happy if you have good connections), but this will mean much more work for you and your team.

On the other hand, you DO

  • NOT need to care for the program (though we are happy if you or someone of your organization team would like to participate in the program chair)
  • NOT need to care for the registration (this is handled by the GUUG)
  • NOT need to care for public relations (though help, especially for local newspapers etc, would be greatly appreciated)
  • NOT care for the webspace (except providing the "local" information)
  • NOT necessarily need to look for sponsors and exhibitors (though your help would be greatly appreciated)

So, if you think that YOU can and would like to manage these tasks, you will certainly ask: When will the event take place?

Well, this is not strictly determined, but

  • we don't see any need to change the traditional scheme of the last years: Start with the tutorials on Wednesday, have the conference on Thursday and Friday.
  • we need to avoid overlapping with other events, both local and international, Linux and non-Linux (e.g., you will not get affordable room for the speakers and visitors in Munich during "Oktoberfest").
  • it shouldn't be during Germany's summer holidays
  • there should be some time-gap after this year's Kongress

As a suggestion, the end of the third quarter 2001 will be a good candidate.

The exact date will of course have to be discussed with the location you proposed.

If you can imagine to organize the Kongress next year, please also mail to cfl@linux-kongress.de(please also mail there if you have questions) till Dezember 20th, we will decide among the various submissions till end of January !

You don't have to have an perfect idea of how to handle all of the things mentioned above till then, but you should have some suggestions, especially about the location!

Martin Schulte Last recently updated at Wednesday, 2003-12-24 12:00:00 CET