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Linux-Kongress 2006
13th International Linux System Technology Conference
September 5-8, 2006
Georg-Simon-Ohm-Fachhochschule, Nürnberg, Germany

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With the Linux-Kongress we want to give Linux developers a chance to meet their peers and present their papers and work. But much of this work is done by people in their spare time and on their own budget. Many cannot afford an expensive conference. That is why the Linux-Kongress is cheaper than most conferences and why we pay travel and accommodation costs for many speakers.

To finance this effort we need sponsors. If you think ours is a worthy cause or if you are making money by using Linux, please consider giving back to the community by helping us.

Sponsoring the Linux-Kongress is also a great way of making your company known to a group of core Linux developers and tell them about your product and line of work.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Linux-Kongress please contact

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Special thanks go to our gold sponsor google.

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