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Linux-Kongress 2002
9th International Linux System Technology Conference
September 4-6, 2002 in Cologne, Germany

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Supporting organisations:

Till Kamppeter is the number 1 repository on the web for anybody seeking support for printing related problems.

It is hosting the printing database containing detailed information about 900 printers and 240 drivers. "Foomatic" runs on top of this database. It is a software package which is working for all important spoolers. It allows

  • a user to generate on-line a working configuration for his model and spooler.
  • a distribution maintainer to package all working printer/driver configurations for his distro.
  • an administrator to move a whole set of working print queues from, say, an "LPRng"-based print subsystem to a CUPS- based one, without needing to re-install every printer or loosing any settings.

On the booth we (Till Kamppeter and Kurt Pfeifle) will be available to demonstrate things and answer questions. However, we also want to attend quite a few talks at the Kongress, so we will not man the booth all the time.

While we are "away", visitors will have the opportunity to "play around" with the printing system and printers. We will run CUPS and have a HP Photosmart 100 and an HP OfficeJet D155 there. If your laptop runs CUPS, you just need to plug it into the hub, retrieve a DHCP IP address and are ready to print your DigiCam photos or other documents without installing a driver. Our CUPS server will do it for you -- and provide you with all the user-selectable options you need. Just make sure you have installed KDEPrint, XPP, or GTKlp for best control.

Otherwise we brief you about tips and tricks how to achieve full device control from the powerful CUPS command line... ;-)

(Glossy Photo Paper will be available at a reasonable cost -- proceedings go to fund Free Printing Software Projects).

See you there!

Surf to for more information.

Visit in case you need help on printing.

Read more about CUPS.

Participate in our printing tutorial.

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