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Linux-Kongress 2002
9th International Linux System Technology Conference
September 4-6, 2002 in Cologne, Germany

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Supporting organisations: IBM

Sponsor and Exhibitor


IBM Deutschland GmbH
Developer Community Outreach
c/o Oliver Nickels
Grundelbachstraße 13/3
69469 Weinheim

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, as well as the world's largest business and technology services consultancy. IBM also is the world's largest hardware company and I/T rental and financing company with a total of 320000 employees in 170 countries.

IBM is devoted to advancing open Internet standards and applications. We have more than 1,000 developers devoted to XML and more than 1,000 developers devoted to Linux in it's 20 development labs worldwide. IBM invested approximately US$1 billion in Linux in 2001.

You're dedicated to building powerful e-business applications. We're here to help you -- from our industry-leading developer applications and acclaimed Java-on-Linux technology to the Linux Technology Center, alphaWorks technologies, and developerWorks, our developer resource for open-standards based development.

We want to provide you with whatever it takes to make Linux the dominant applications platform.

Visit, the developer resource and portal run by IBM.

Visit the IBM booth to learn more about what IBM can do for you to improve your development possibilities in the areas of Linux, Java, XML, and open source.

Visit the speeches and sessions held by IBMers at Linux Kongress:

  • Thursday, Sept 5th, 12:15 Adding Multipathing Capabilities to LVM by Stefan Bader, Boeblingen Development Labs, Germany.
  • Friday, Sept 6th, 14:45 Building LSB Compliant Applications by Christopher Yeoh, OzLabs, Canberra, Australia.

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