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German Ministry of education and research
German UNIX User Group
UNIX User Group - The Netherlands
University of Twente
AT Consultancy bv
Mind Linux Solutions
SuSE Linux AG
Linux AG
8th International Linux-Kongress · Nov 28-30 2001 · Enschede/The Netherlands

Campus map University of Twente

Larger version

Map of Enschede

You can find a map of Enschede via mapquest.

Attention: Since creation of the map, the autoroute A35 has been extended to the east, this might be a little confusing especially when coming from Germany ! (see next section)

Arriving by car from Germany

From southern/western Germany, we suggest that you drive via the A31 till Gronau/Ochtrup. From there on, you go into direction Gronau, but there are already signs showing the direction to Enschede at every crossing.

Shortly after you left Gronau, you will go right to a new build street which is the prolongation of the autoroute A35, so you immediately come onto this autoroute (which has been prolonged compared to the mapquest map shown above).

You leave A35 at "afrit 26" labeled "Universiteit" (among others).

Since the road is rebuild, it's a little diffcult from there on: You must turn by 180 degrees at the first traffic circle ! From there on, there are signs showing the way to the University, if you follow them, you end up at the entrance point shown above.

Other info

The University of Twente provides some more infos.

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