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Linux Clustering Workshop - Call for Participation

November 26 - 28, 2001
University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands


We are pleased to announce a working group meeting for all clustering related topics on Linux, taking place as a part of and directly prior to the Linux Kongress 2001.

The purpose of this meeting is to form a permanent working group on an Open Clustering Framework, define its charter and outline the roadmap for future work.

An Open Clustering Framework is urgently needed to increase compatibility of projects, allow for applications to be portable across different implementations/installations and should ideally become part of the Linux Standards Base at some future date.


  • Overview of proposed working group
  • Discussion of its charter
  • Presentation of current efforts
  • Discussion of initial roadmap
  • Work on roadmap items

Interesting papers concerning current clustering efforts are invited, to allow for an overview of currently available solutions and open issues. Topics of interest from this point of view include, but are not limited to:

  • All aspects of High Availability Clustering
  • All aspects of High Performance Clustering
  • Specialised filesystems
  • Distributed Lock Managers
  • Kernel modifications for clustering
  • Status reports of existing projects
  • Research reports and Work In Progress reports

While the focus is on open efforts, commercial vendors are explicitly solicited to present their technical offering and work with us on the Open Clustering Framework and other aspects of Linux clustering. The cooperation between commercial vendors and the community is vital on arriving at a viable solution from which all parties would greatly benefit.

On Monday and Tuesday, we expect to have a single track of presentations, 4-6 each day, each lasting 45-90 minutes. We will also have plenty of time for spontaneous BOF sessions.

On Wednesday morning, we will conclude the meeting with a panel session on:

Clustering Efforts for Linux - Present and Future

After this, the main Linux Kongress 2001 will start and you are of course invited to stay or present a paper in the main tracks.


The intended audience of this working group meeting are clustering system architects and developers, cluster application developers, and interested users, whose input will be particularly welcome.

Participation details

If you are interested in presenting your work or participating in the working group meeting, please contact Lars Marowsky-Bree by Friday, 2001-11-02.

Please send a short (<400 words) abstract of your topic, whether you would like to make it a presentation, working group meeting or tutorial.

We are also pleased that we have a budget for travel expenses.

Please understand that travel expenses can only be paid for in few cases as our budget is rather limited, and that we would like to ask companies to pay for their employees.

However, if you are an Open Source developer, student or working on an interesting project and have difficulty making the trip, please contact us also to see whether we can work something out.


We thank the Bundesministerium fr Bildung und Forschung and the German Unix User Group for sponsoring this event.


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