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German Ministry of education and research
German UNIX User Group
UNIX User Group - The Netherlands
University of Twente
AT Consultancy bv
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8th International Linux-Kongress · Nov 28-30 2001 · Enschede/The Netherlands
Clustering Workshop: Program and Schedule


We are pleased to announce a working group meeting for all clustering related topics on Linux, taking place as a part of and directly prior to the Linux Kongress 2001.

The purpose of this meeting is to form a permanent working group on an Open Clustering Framework, define its charter and outline the roadmap for future work.

An Open Clustering Framework is urgently needed to increase compatibility of projects, allow for applications to be portable across different implementations/installations and should ideally become part of the Linux Standards Base at some future date.

Please see the Call for Participation for details if you wish to attend and aren't yet registered. In essence, it amounts to sending a mail to the organizer and saying so; there is no additional charge for the workshop.


Getting an overview of currently available and future projects and requirements
Begin End Topic Speaker
09:00 09:15 Introduction Lars Marowsky-Brée
09:15 10:00 Kickoff keynote Jos Visser
10:15 11:15 Linux Project Clustering Overview Joe Greenseid
11:30 12:30 Distributed Replicated Block Device Philipp Reisner
12:30 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 14:30 Single System Image Clusters Bruce Walker
14:45 15:45 Clustered EVMS Alan Robertson (on behalf of Ramachandra Pai)
16:00 17:00 Lustre & Intermezzo Peter Braam
17:15 18:15 Linux FailSafe
Bad example, good example
Lars Marowsky-Brée
Working group discussions
Begin End Topic Moderator
09:00 10:00 Introduction
Open Clustering Framework
History, Motivation and Goals
Alan Robertson
10:15 11:15 Standards
Legal and political issues
Alan Robertson
11:30 12:30 APIs
Which ones and special considerations
Lars Marowsky-Brée
12:30 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 14:30 Standard components Lars Marowsky-Brée
14:45 15:45 Reference implementation Alan Robertson
16:00 17:00 Defining future work items Lars Marowsky-Brée
Finishing touches
09:00 12:30 Working on the work items Everyone ;-)
12:30 13:30 Lunch

After this, the main Linux Kongress 2001 will start and you are of course invited to stay or present a paper in a BOF.


We thank the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung and the German Unix User Group for sponsoring this event.

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