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Linux Kongress 1999 - Sponsoring

If you want to become a sponsor of the 6th International Linux Kongress, please mail to <info@linux-kongress.de> for details. Besides financial aid for travel expenses and accomodation of the referents, logistical support may be useful.

Sponsors will get credits on the head banner of this pages and at the congress. There will be pinboard displays at the reception or other prominent places to show company logos. Since every visitor will get a bag with Kongress material it is possible to distribute small flyers.

If you have other ideas about how you can support the Kongress feel free to tell us.

Sponsors and Supporters

J.F. Lehmanns Addison Wesley O'Reilly
Interest Verlag IGEL Technology Labs SuSE
SGI delix RedHat
Markt&Technik iX C&L
Global File System Project, University of
	      Minnesota free X Mexmac Software Systems

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