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Linux Kongress 1999 - Nerdbank

Holger Blasum

This is a beginning grassroots initiative to promote free open source software in electronic commerce. It is believed that the potential of electronic commerce e.g. to support authors of free software or artists by micropayments should be backed by open source, cryptographically sound, well-documented, and free (Debian Free Software Guidelines) software and institutions to accomplish this.

For this, we are rallying a user as well as potential supporter base (ideas/code). To date, emphasis has been put on orientation and a little campaigning via LinuxFocus and events such as this year's FFII meeting at Cologne, and the Chaos Communication Camp at Berlin. We have not yet decided whether to concentrate on the MagickMoney->digicash trail by developing software and issuing a virtual currency (of course based on ideas and protocols not barred by patents; such as published by Stefan Brands and Niels Moeller) or more humbly to concentrate on providing free and open-source interface programs to home bankers. Both trails would eventually allow the possible alliance with / founding of a free-software oriented financial institution (nerdbank). The initiative is currently non-commercial, it may however develop a profitable branch e.g. to nurture the free software development branch.

This seedling is still fragile - so you are welcome to drain it with your visit, opinion, and input!

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