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Announcement and Call For Papers:

6th International Linux Kongress 1999

The 6th International Linux Kongress 1999 will be held from September 8 to September 10 at the University of Augsburg, Germany. It follows the tradition of the Linux conference series (Heidelberg 94, Berlin 95/96, Würzburg 97 and Cologne 98) which has evolved into the most important meeting for Linux experts and developers.

The conference will offer up to 25 talks during two days (September 9 and 10) in two parallel tracks. The first track will be dedicated to Linux development, the second track will be intended to accomodate talks about Linux applications and usage. Each talk will last 40 minutes (possibly including discussion). The language of the talks will be English or exceptionally German.

The two tracks will contain a combination of invited talks and referred papers. The 1999 Linux Kongress Program Committee seeks original and innovative papers about the current Linux kernel development and about Linux applications and usage.

Some particularly interesting Linux development topics are:

Interesting application and usage topics include but are not limited to:

In addition to the talks, there will be some tutorials on September 8. Proposals are welcome. Topics will be announced later.

For participants, interested in a particular topic not covererd by the program, we offer additional informal gatherings (Birds-of-a-Feather sessions). BoFs may be scheduled at the conference or in advance by mailing the program chair.

In order to provide the best possible talk offerings, we solicit proposals for new talks. Questions regarding a topic's relevance to the conference may be addressed to the program chair via email to <chair@linux-kongress.de>. An abstract (at least one full page) is required for the selection process. The preferred form of submission is via electronic mail to the program chair.

Submissions must be received by June 15, 1999 latest.

For distribution to the participants, an extended abstract or a full paper must be provided by August 15, 1999. It is required that papers will not have been previously published elsewhere.

In order to enable everybody to actually give a selected talk, the Linux Kongress organization can pay for travel expenses and accomodation.

The conference will be organized by GUUG (German UNIX Users Group), LUGA (Linux User Group Augsburg), the University of Augsburg, NLUUG (UNIX Users Group - The Netherlands) , LIVE (Linux-Verband), and LunetIX. It is supported by Fachbuchhandlung J.F. Lehmanns, Addison-Wesley and O'Reilly. Any profits from this event will be used to support Free Software Projects.

Online registration information will be available in May 1999 on http://www.linux-kongress.org/.

Of course you will find the latest state of the program and other information about the event at the same address.

If you want to be informed about relevant news concerning the congress, you can also subscribe to the mailing list <lk99-announce@linux-kongress.de> (mail to <majordomo@linux-kongress.de> with body "subscribe lk99-announce").

If you need further information, please contact
        GUUG office
        Ms. Bester
        Elsenheimerstr. 61
        80687 München
         Phone +49 89 5 70 76 97
         Fax +49 89 71 01 95 82
         E-mail: <info@linux-kongress.de>

Program Committee

Sebastian Hetze (Chair) LunetIX <she@lunetix.de>
Jens Chr. Bachem GUUG <bachem@guug.de>
Andreas Bourges LUGA / University of Augsburg <abourges@rz.uni-Augsburg.de>
Klaus JahnLUGA <klaus@luga.de>
Jos Vos XOS / NLUUG <jos@xos.nl>

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