Qt - The Choice of a GUI Generation

Haavard Nord

Qt is a complete and well-developed object-oriented framework for developing graphical user interface (GUI) applications using C++. Qt is a multi-platform toolkit available for Unix/X11 and Windows 95/NT. Troll Tech, a Norwegian software company, spent years developing Qt and finally released version 1.0 in September 1996. Linux is Troll Tech's main development platform. Qt/X11 development is first done under Linux and then ported to other Unix platforms. Qt is a commercial product, but Troll Tech's unique licensing lets developers of free software use Qt/X11 for free. Qt has become the GUI toolkit of choice for Linux programmers during the last year. The amount of free software using Qt is growing rapidly. Here is a comment made by one of our users on USENET:

"Have you ever used a program or toolkit and had the feeling of `this is the way things are Meant to be'? Some people get it with emacs, some people with vi, some with Netscape. No-one gets it using Athena Widgets. I get it using Qt."
Haavard Nord from Troll Tech will speak about Qt, its design and main features. He will also show examples of Qt programs and present major programs and projects based on Qt (among them the Linux KDE project).